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When i first laid eyes on architect Antoni Gaudi ,I thought of the mountains and caves we’d seen on the drive thru the german alps into northern italy. They reminded me of the largest sandcandle in full dripping  sandy glory -but huge and forever . One of my favorite cities in  Europe for the people there, the beautiful streets, the passion for food,  but it  was initially Antoni Gaudi who drew me into this  psychedelic city of Barcelona and  his masterpieces . From wealthy homeowners commisioning him  to his life’s work, he died while years away from it’s construction ,in a tiny humble room,in the church  Sagrada Família. My favorite and most “out of this world” building is the house of bones commisioned by a wealthy textile designer and is shown above in the next post. i was fortunate tovisit all his building and the famous park Geull…..we spent an entire day there. I remember a young boy, maybe 4 years old, his grandma was holding him upside down as he fished out pennies from the fountain. just think….all those peoples dreams  and wishes are now feeding a family. -lady miss kier