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THE EVER UNFINISHED: driving thru the  alps on a double decker tour bus, Bootsy was the only other person awake, as we both watched from the glass upperdeck with fear and amazment as the bus seemed to be teetering really close to the edge like a dr. suisse scene , dipping down thru the alps and then back up again like a YES album cover’s landscape, the giant size sandcastle-like drippings forming  caves in the mountains as we were cutting thru the mountains and heading into italy via germany. we were enchanted. So …when I first saw the architecture of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona,  I immediatly thought of those unusual  giant sandcastles and suspected Gaudi must have seen these same natural structures to his north as inspiration. I’m still wondering but too busy to read his autobiography.   “the house of bones” is the most surreal, it was commissioned by a wealthy textile designer and def the most psychedelic.-i am loving how his piece de resistance the church Sagrada Familia ,where he also lived a humble existence in a tiny room at the back while  working diligently on the ever unfinished church is lit up at nite.-lady miss kier