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When Cindy Wilson sings “dance this mess  around” she not only awakens the deepest darkest haunting truth in our inner core, she nails it EVERY time and that spirit starts dancing strange new steps I’ve never seen before and can never remember how to do again. And she did it to me again! on thursday nite at Coney Island.When Kate Pierson  sings it makes me feel that I am  swinging upside down in a musical beatnik party in Paris snapping my fingers . like…I am there man….right inthe middle of the most happening  party on mother…a party in a fluorescent volcano with swimming mermaids  offering electric coolaid.  She has the best growl in her voice that can only come from the heart and about 20 inches lower. Then she starts dancing and here come the the chills , but when their voices harmonize like sisters in those melodies that only the b52’s could write I feel  like a kid in kindergarden who is actually learning to skip for the first time. Fred’s poetry and kooky images it brings to mind is a perfect match to the most uplifting dance music I have ever heard . When they played “party out of bounds”  I noticed people dancing out of bounds and a few security cops trying to hold back a near riot the band  created. But sir- we just want to get closer to the B52s! i love that their new music sounds like it was written at the same jam session for when they wrote ‘rock lobster” again just proving they can’t help being authentic. I love their latest album-  thanks marty markowitz

pics by lady Kier, Eduardo Souza, and House of LeMay