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NEW AFRICA LIVE: presents BIBI TANGA and The Selenites in NYC. I have never seen a man tap dance  while singing AND playing a deep funky bass at all let alone the way BIBI does it in a james brown tribute to funky drummer. BiBi Tanga  dosn’t need to do covers as his own repertoire which combines central  african rhythms of his roots  with Paris jazz and funk, but he can’t help being humble and kind. And  paying respect is the definition of kindness. When he sings “Say goodbye with a smile” it reminds me how much i love positive soulful music -ever since I heard Sly and the family stone. When Bibi on bass locks into Rico kerridge on guitar it is like a freight train of funk that is transporting all the goodies of nessesity. The drummer was tighter than tight itself that tight couldn’t slip out of time if it tried.  National Geographic  has a record label and snatched him up -because they been around the world a few times and know what’s up.- lady Kier


most photos by Lady Kier and Marc Chataigner