Lady Blog

warning: SWEARY TRACK!…. I’ve been playing this classic MK remix for the last year at nearly every club and still not tired of it.. I never knew  it was a remix for Ethyl Meatplow back in the day…I wasn’t loving the vulgar lyrics back in the day either..but now I love them. Hmmmm…..i suppose i burst my …how do you say..dee-lusional bubble.- Lady Miss

p.s. on a side note…right after I left Deee-lite , I asked MK, DJ Pierre, Murk Boys for some tracks and they all gave me some top tunes. i wrote around their trax and was really pleased until I played it to my record label and they said ” We will never release any house music from you” i asked why and their reply was “you are supposed to be somewhere between TLC and Alanis morrisett”!!!!!!!”

 i hightailed it  to London right afterwards and became fully emerged into breakbeat/jungle/drum n bass….I honestly didn’t think the label would  refuse those trax as well ……..but they hated “jungle” even more than house , unfortunatly , I never sent my writing efforts back  to the house producers…( if they only heard how I turnt those trax out and understood why i never got back to them )

Rejection at majors was something deee-lite always faced…they told us they “hated” all 3 albums…the president of the co. that is…….but  when your’e in a band  it’s easier to put a united front and tell them “it’s done and we’re not changing a thing” but as a solo  artist ,who always preferred the writing process more than the spotlight….it gave me the liscence to write more ….  however…I always KNEW the label knew absolutly NOTHING about music …which is why I asked to break my contract 2 years later. But…..

NOPE- they refused to let me go… my sound got harder and harder ….my way of telling them ”  fuckin bitch cunt ,fuckin bitch cunt”    . i’ve been digging thru those old demos  and  once i pick up an ADAT machine…i’ll  finally be able to get those house  trax out. so  so  so much music to drop it’s sick. - lady Miss Kier …