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There was a couple of years in the mid and late 80’s when we started hearing “hip-house” trax on the dancefloors . Rapping over dance trax were Doug lazy , Tyree Cooper, Ya Kid K, even Jungle Brothers ( Girl I’lll house you)  and a small handful of others. As both a  producer and dancer, I was  anticipating a huge explosion, as down tempo rap was already outselling Garth brooks and Whitney Houston while somehow maintaining the image of being “underground” while filling up  white suburbs and selling triple platinum like P.E. (even when banned from the radio) .

        Well…once positive enthusiasm didn’t pan out and  was only another  dream deferred ,as major labels continued to move away from  ”gay” house music stateside with it’s homophobic association with AIDS and HIV leaving little to no budget for promotion=radio play money. This classic track is a perfect example of the best of HIP-HOUSE.

            Nearly 25 years later ,and finally artists like Azalia Banks,u.k.’s Wiley,etc… have finally figured out some dance music producers are the true underground and have  relentlessly continued to turn out track after track reguardless of  the “white boys club’ that has sprung up in recent years, ignoring the pioneers, re-naming it “EDM” and paying outrageous fees to crap djs who cator to 15 year olds on ecstasy-  that jersey shore style fist pump circuit meth music. Only the future knows what hiphouse’s life will be. “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me”-Nina simone  Enjoy this classic- lady Miss Kier…