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 ”seperate the art from the artist”   i’ve heard throughout my life. has there ever been a better example of knowing when we must  ”seperate the art from the artist” because what he has  produced is artistic perfection on levels 22  and beyond  keeping him  on a map  of venus and  in business. 

I believe drunk talk is truth talk…..and even after all  ..thru the ugly conflicted individual he’s proved to be captured by the tiny cell phone, he’s   channelled it into the most exquisite of  collections consistently  and DIOR never was or will be again without him. One  can lose their  mind but not  lose IT.He’ll always have IT.

I am not sure if I am athiest but i always loved the expression Jerome’s Mom Luc(ifer) would say…”when God fires you, no one will hire you” .    Just think about it … you  think you could  have had a relaxing dinner with Picasso or Salvador dali  without them insulting you in the most ugliest of ways with backhanded compliments or downright confrontational assholiness on the highest level. I think not . After  reading their  biographys , some of  the most  ambitious mad geniouses are the ugliest of humans…that’s why they  must create. It must be  evolutionary in some way. self loathing leads to creation to find a sense of purpose. SURVIVAL OF THE WEAKEST IS WHAT I SAY. He dug his own grave and I am glad he exposed himself- for his own sake but there is no denying his talent. Condeleeeza rice was a great piano player   but having said that there are actual sweethearts who are brilliant -thru and thru -  maybe not ruthless enough to be known in their lifetime… so no…. I DON’T believe one has to be a conflicted a-hole to be a creative genious - I’m also surprised at how little he knows about history- Hitler killed the gays and gypsys first!-     Lady kier