Lady Blog

can I just say….. CHAKA !   THE most beautiful woman in the world…..when is central park gonna build a statue of her!   the first time I heard her was thru an AM radio as I was in the backseat of my little playmate best friend  Julie Gladys’s car. her mom…. a square -looking librarian who subscribed to the new yorker even though we lived in pittsburgh was on permanent nervouse (sp) intellectual  energy gear,  was listening in as my mouth dropped and my body froze the first time I heard  ”tell me something good ”  blaring out the radio , I was worried that the wallflower librarian might not be able to handle the full on FUNK of Chaka….she seemed to be the opposit -  raw and womanly , funky, and flowing  ,embodieing  the  sexy essence of every woman .  damn…the record label  couldn’t handle Chaka’s  fierce womanhood … I think  Chaka was a teenager but as she had the body and voice of a 35 year old woman they didn’t know how to act ( let alone promote) . But the music spoke for itself to little seven year olds in the backseat and  and square librarians as well as the rest of anyone lucky enough to hear her.Mrs. Gladys started to  bob her head and smile as we all shared the most funky thang to ever come out the radio up until that point. Stevie Wonder wrote it but Chaka delivered it and noone …i mean noone can touch her PURE soul. not in my lifetime anyway.  I feel for her… I think I love her.- Lady kier