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 Mother natures heart is broken again!  - yet …. she will have the last word. Don’t eff with her!!!!!!!!  it;s been Obama’s largest mistake yet to allow offshore gulf  coast drilling only months before this disaster. I pray he learned from his  mistake .it reared it’s ugly head only weeks after he gave them their blessing  . ooooops. I still support Obama but he should listen to his gramama Cause  hey  ya’ll , BP, done effed up our food chain and think they  ” so far” got away with it , but not for long…. please…….we are soooooo on to BP’s lies !  I stopped eating seafood after the Brittish Co.’s  BP oil spill in our Gulf coast….several everyday people actually asked “why?” …well here’s “why” , only 2 years later   and fish are born with no eyes and  smell like patroliam ( sp ) oysters are GONE , lion fish thrive in this pollution eating up  important little fishies of the food chain . Many species  with mating difficulties and off-spring that proves the consequences of environmental ignorance and greed. .-   if only the US had  turned off their tvs  faster than molasses and checked out the real news online  from scientists where heroes like Kindra Amesoens’s  spoke the truth - a true american patriot- I hope she and her children are safe as they were obvious targets  from this multibillion-dollar  brittish co.  who will lie thru their crooked teeth to  convince the U.S. public  that it’s “OK” to eat seafood. the few scientists’s that have not been bought off are standing up!!!!!!  - to be continued- Lady Miss Kier