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heartbreak! no other song encompasses that void more completely than Shara Nelson in this song UNFINISHED SYMPHONY.  so sorry about the tacky -ass candy BS commercial at the beginning but hold on tight- Shara is about to share her soul in the recording and also the video- ripped  off  by some other award winning white  rock   forgettable band that sold millions ,only a few years later with a similar title and video,  based on the heart wrenching genuine nature of the ORIGINATORS.   too  similar for my liking ….. but are no longer relevant..whereasss this original groundbreaking heart-aching  song is etched into an entire UK generations  consciousness  and needs to be remembered worldwide. Long live  Shara Nelson-  and the percussion  layer over the sampled beat are worth a mention. other vocalists the band, massive attack , used to  complete their sound are Niccolette Sowetan - lady Miss Kier