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Linton Kwesi Johnson has been my favorite poet since the age of 18. years after hearing  this brilliant revolutionary man I moved to  England , and was living  south of Brixton , in Tulse Hill. I was waiting for a nite bus in brixton when an unsavory character started chatting me up…i tried to avoid him when out of the blue, he asked me if I was a fan of LKJ.  what did he just say?  and answered “but  of course” . he said ‘well…he’s right around the corner at a pub which is locked but open on the DL. and would i like to meet him.I quickly replied  ”very yes” . we walked a block and knocked on the side door and LKJ opened the door wearing a bright blue adidas track suit and invited us in with a smile on his face. LKJ went back to the pool table as I watched his every move from a booth …thinking of something poetic to say to him … but nothing came to mind….the character who brought me there was quickly  getting on my last nerve . I realized suddenly….why would I want to be introduced  to my hero  by bad company, so  I hightailed it out of there as I waved goodbye to LKJ. not much of a story but an important moment for me. Here is a video of one of my favorite poems although there are many others. if you don’t know about him…now you do-  Lady Kier

P.S. the basslines of Dennis Bovell are the parallel  compliment to Linton’s storys , voval tone,and  delivery creating nothing but eternal perfection.