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 ALMANOVA  are a rare crew  because when the gig sold out ,these promotors could have easily crammed the venue to capacity ,as their phone never stopped ringing  thruout our lunch prior to the gig from “friends’ asking for paid  guestlist but Almanova was firm in explaining ” they didnt want the dancefloor to be too crowded” for the true throw down dancers and do you say….deeeklined additional ticket sales - they stuck to their guns , the night was a blast  and the crowd went bonkers when i switched the set into rare p-funk and sly stone SURPRIZE mix midway . When James Dobbin ,the opening dj started his set with my current favorite disco hiphop song “are you doing alrite” I raced from the dancefloor in my silver  platform shoes and back to the booth to give him a big smiley hug and then back to the floor . I have not witnessed this general concern for  the dancers in years and it was heartwarming in the middle of a $ depression  to see that a proper dance party culture can trump greed. The Almanova music policy is diverse old school disco ,new-school disco but all GOOD SCHOOL DISCO including italo, and obscure 80’s pop hits- very uplifting. Almanova- if you ever want me back-just whistle.-Lady Kier