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 Last Time i sang in Paris was at the legendary BOBINO in 2006 and performed several of my new unreleased disco trax.  The techno/hard house  crowd didn’t quite know how to react to our UNIQUE sound , but we let them have it… much as you can while doing a track act with no spot light ,monitor,or  sound mixer. I learned from that and decided it’s better to be on time than ahead of your time. A little humiliation is good…..being ahead of your time  doesn’t  pay, but the ability to polish a show on an unsuspecting audience is how i grow as an artist. It’s part of the process . I learn from mistakes such as being sooooo independent as to not even have a booking agent. Its not the best situation financially , but it has allowed  total freedom and not having to turn down gigs that the agent wants you to play every weekend. As this crowd was not nearly ready for disco , I vowed not to do any more track acts until my album is released and  to play ALL LIVE with my band-who are the hotness!!!!  These trax are still unreleased!!! Modern music biz is not easy. Until i work out the financials to pay my band …I’ll continue to  fund my  writing and production with DJ sets…so come check me , MAY 5th at Trou Aux Biches vs. Pussy Faggot @ LaJava, Paris, FR  - - -Lady Miss Kier