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Backstage Hacienda ,Manchester 1990!   Our first show abroad ( half track act ,half live ) ,thanks to Mick Jones ( the Clash, Fun Boy Three)  who had the insight to bring us over as an opening act  for a rave ,we were able to add a couple other shows  at the last minute. The first one being at the legendary hacienda ,  I headed to the dance floor after the show and thru the swirly smoke and strobe lites,I noticed that this dance floor crowd was no ordinary group of steppers I had seen before. it seemed like each was in their own world, arms reaching up to the sky, like moths to a flame in some sort of ecstasy. After trying to connect ,It dawned on me , they were all high  on the same drug  and at the same time. hmmm..????…in NY  drugs were on every street corner but not so dominant in the clubs. Next day ,we played London and I noticed the  same thing down there.  when we returned to the states -we went right to san francisco and as we entered the club ,someone handed me a note that said “drop the E at 12: 15”. wow- we  entered a new era of niteclubbing.  the rave scene spread quick and we were in the middle of it. we hit the stage at 12:30 and it seemed like everyone  else hit the ceiling at the same time . thanks Mick - your’e timing was superb as it was the week our first whitelabel had dropped and the B side was setting dance floors on fire around the world simultaneously. I’ve been back to Madchestor many times but this was a night to remember. Come check me out May 11, 2012   when i return to deejay @

Mother’s Ruin vs. Pussy Faggot @ Islington Mill, Manchester, UK