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If the london riots were  because of what this man was saying , i’d agree with them, but they clearly aren’t , as most of them are white according to the videos I’ve seen on you tube ( not as  TV reports) . None the less, it’s an inspiration to see an informed man , although too snobby to want to ride a bus, speak truth to the rioters ,policy makers , the biased press who spin the truth making out that the  rioters are predominantly  black,   : the truth is an inspiration, let’s get to work, but remember u.k. healthcare is free,housing for all is subsidized by the govt. for decades after art school,  I agree with most of what he is saying but still feel  If  brits could spend a year living in the U.S. they would lose their lunch over how greedy our representatives are , how bullish our cops that abuse  their power can be, how many blacks are in jail,how few jobs there  are since globalization opened up slave labor in the far east,  and  they would go running back to the Uk for their great humanitarian benefits alone. And that’s all i’ll say on the riots- Lady kier