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As he confronts the sheeple blocking the emergency lane ,Gavgav27 brings me faith in human kindness and concern during times of utter greed ,selfishness, and  misplaced anger.( Vancouver sports riots, London flat tv screen riots)    Please , we the peeps, let’s follow his example and “do unto others as we would like them to do to us” . Blow that whistle, mate. Hero of the day. - Lady Kier 

p.s. in the U.s. people have cause to riot against racist cops with guns and tazers…over here our jails actually are filled with 99% black men and women…..but  for all those in the U.S. that think London coppers are the same…trust….after living there for 9 years in both hackney , just south of brixton in tulse hill , a short time in greendwood and ladbroke grove,-  these are not racial riots or against police brutality….it’s wreckless youth without a cause  wanting to grab material things while cops who are only allowed to have guns with rubber bullets are ill -prepared  because they are not infiltrated with dominant bully power-hungry cops  like we have in the U.S. I knowthere are good cops in the U.S but when the bad ones  get to stay on the force or get a mere slap on the wrist it eventually creates riots with a purpose.