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I WAS BORN THIS WAY ! I havn’t heard the new gaga song yet but when I heard the title, I immediatly thought of the Rev. Carl Bean’s worldwide GAY ANTHEM of the same title . let’s celebrate his courage to come out with this beautiful song in 1977. it was originally written in 1974 by Chris Spierer and Bunny Jones  and covered by many others since , but in my opinion this is THE version. enjoy-  lady Kier 

EDIT: Madonna controversy about express yourself. I think the reason madonna is not going after gaga over the blatant melody similarity is because she blatantly took the verse melodies from TLC’s “waterfalls” which was a massive hit before express yourself even if only in demo form- Mcdees favorite place to lift from thruout her career-soon to be released projects. I’m willing to bet McDonna was sued at the time and settled out of court.Why would she want to shine a spotlite on that. Enjoy the true pioneering spirit of the lovely and devine Carl Bean. zip up your boots and get back to the roots of heartfelt soothsayers. thanks Carl- Lady kier