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As we all know, the 4 major music labels have been crumbling and have layed off 100’s of people at each one, radio promotors lost their jobs over the last few decades, record stores have rolled down their gates for the last time, music conventions are looking like ghost towns,recording studios are going bankrupt daily. My question is…where did all those people in the industry go? what are they doing now ?
Did they attempt to get jobs in the porn industry or other unrelated fields other than music , are they laying back collecting unemployment , or are they part of a growing force who is inventing the NEW music industry ?
and ideas? …I’m really curious where they all went?

I don’t believe that good music will dissappear just because it’s not on the radio or getting tour promotion but many artists like me are stashing the best musical gems merely for lack of sensible business partners, consultants , and financial support while dreaming up modern platforms that would pay our band’s salaries , pay for stage production without blatant product placement , and more importantly without selling out by signing their soul to the “devil”. I’d love to hear your thoughts on where these business folks dissapeared to. The artists need you in the future idioms of music promotion. - lady Kier

EDIT: some people think I’m talking about the artists. I’m not. we’ll be fine . I’m speaking ONLY about the business people, marketers, PR people , label attorneys, product managers. Do they fell there is no place for them or have no forsite into the rising empires independant artists are building?
It is the artists who are leading the way wether they aknowledge this or not , but we can’t do it alone. get in touch with the artists. we see the future and there are jobs for some of you. -Lady Kier