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zero convictions for ” the productive class ” of banksters pimping liars loans   and zero prosecutions  for illegal  war mongers   ( unnessasary invasion  of iraq and afghanistan)  have left 27 million U.S. people unemployed . they can change their names but we are onto their game thanks to truth tellers like this guy.  THIS is what corporatocracy looks like. It’s so uplifting to hear people tell it as it tis with no fear ( I thank Obama for vanishing the fear that  dominated BUSH ‘S  reign of terror  ) …..I LOVE TO SEE  THE TABLES TURN. Thanks W Bush and your dad George  and Bill Clinton  for opening up slave labor overseas , halting manufacturing in the U.S., spending  trillions on an unessasary invasion  leading to this financial crisis and “whoreable” reputation we have now as a devastated super power. - Lady Kier