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Wow! the majority of republican attendees at their own convention didn’t know that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and started bleyying like sheep ( led to slaughter) “U.S.A.! ” “U.S.A.” when their own republican delegate of PR was announced .If I were her, I would have turned around, bent over ,lifted my skirt and let them have a loud raspberry fart in their faces.  If that’s not ass-backwards and ignorant enough, a new law in arizona signed by republican Govenor Jan Brewer states “pregnancy begins 2 weeks before conception” in order to stop abortion 2 weeks before other states which generally allow up to 8 weeks maximum of pregnancy before it becomes illegal for an abortion. The same law requires an ultrasound  to be performed 24 hours before an abortion. Planned parenthood helped me to follow through on my plans and chose not to be a mother at 14 years old. This is the most popular age for abortions in the U.S. for both pro-choice and pro-lifers , as it is common at that  age for a young girl to easily b coerced by an older guy to have sex because  ”he won’t be able to walk due to blue balls if you don’t help him release …..but trust him…he’ll pull out” . I was ignorant at 14,like most teenagers, but it seems that these grown up adults at the republican convention are much dumber than I was at that age- PR has been a U.S. territory since 1898 and puerto ricans became U.S.citzens in 1917 and is often refferred to as the “51” state. The republicans continued racism ( hate for anyone with  a different shade of skin or culture) , homophobia( hating gays ), and pro-life ( against family planning ) will be the end of their party. it’s evolutionary…my dear Watson. - lady Miss Kier