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With the recent passing of Sugarfoot Bonner from Ohio Players ( one of the lead singers and  guitarist for Ohio Players ) …here is a great live performance  of one of their many hits, LOVE ROLLERCOASTER. ‘Say What ‘? May he rest in power and send us some “Awwww Awww Awww“‘s  from the other side. Their songs will live forever on youtube, iPods,and in our hearts and minds.  Lest not forget Junie Morrison was also a lead singer and brought them their first hit and comedy to funk in general  with “granny ”  on the song FUNKY WORM. After Junie left the Ohio Players to write some of P-funks greatest songs…I often wondered if it was him who brought the sense of humor that  also became a large part of P-funk’s style. We already know he brought in some cosmic flavor from  the outer planetary stars. Enjoy the body-poppers  and lockers and the tighter than tight horn section and band from this classic live recording. - Lady Miss Kier