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WISCONSIN YES! : since mainstream media is owned by corporations who don’t want  tax increases for the rich which is the obvious place to start in helping us improve our economy that Bush screwed up by dragging us into an unnessasary invasion into A and I ,the  middle class and working class people  are finally standing  up to pay cuts for teachers and other middle class and lower class jobs often protected by much needed unions. without the unions we’d be working for  2 dollars a day like in thailand and our kids would be too. Since the mainstream network news  is  in bed with the rich -  we need to turn to comedians to tell  the real news. I LOVE JOHN STEWART !  he helped get us through the overwhelming gloom and downright rotten brainwashing of america during the  bush reign of terror  and now he helps spell out how our system is so far sussed up by the corporate lobbyists , banksters, and  greedy rethuglicans that the PEOPLE STANDING UP get some coverage and points out the impossible GREED of those who get the mainstream TV news platforms.  - Lady Kier

here’s another great public service announcment: