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why don’t we trust our food in the u.s. ? what is food ? if the cats won’t drink it…is it milk ? if the plant can’t reproduce it’s own seeds …what kind of plant is it ? i like my apples with seeds. i like my watermelons with seeds! i like bees ! i don’t like a corporation receiving a “get out of jail free card ” from our govt  if they ruin our food chain. farmers are demanding an appeal. 1 company is responsible for thousands of small farmers going bankrupt worldwide & in many countries like India, leading to their suicides. fruit is perfect - why mess it up? vegetables are beautiful without wax,pesticides,or GMOs.  MAY 25   Over 36 countries are making a stand. GMOs are banned in 47 countries already.  The whole world is watching.

Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon