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when my chin itches I know i’m about to get a cold, but when my feet itch ..i know that i cant contain my body and HAVE to get up and dance …which is what  happened at  BLACK VELVET’s show , musically directed by Victor Jones (  who has drummed for  Stan Getz, Winton Marsilis, sax player Rashaan Roland Kirk and on and on until the break of Dawn silva ) . tighty tight tight band…I got on up, I got loose, i did the poporn ,the boogaloooo,funky four corners, the penguin, but mostly my own repetoire of  abstract dance moves feeling like  a Jackson pollack painting, all the  while Black Velvet was doing splits, drops, and moves that could wear down the souls of a  brand new pair of shoes in ONE night.  big thanks!- Lady Miss Kier