Lady Blog

When I noticed Leigh Bowery in the front row at my 1st Brixton Gig in London, playing with deeelite in 1990,he was wearing an orange crinoline pumpkin head if you will, I knew  that meant I had achieved success. I never wanted a grammy or fame for that matter but  this , I knew meant i was a real entertainer and I had arrived. Flash back years earlier:  I already was a fan of his  and had taped little pictures of him from ID magazine up to my wall. The first time I saw him in NYC, he was  with his boyfriend  Trojan  , I followed them for 3 blocks. Leigh was painted like a Hindu God in Red and Trojan head to toe painted royal blue with jewelry swinging from their noses to their ears and gems glued to their faces including the third eye!!! As a gogo dancer at copacabana , I later saw him acknowledge me while doing  runway across the room right towards me and then spin around on his platform heels , snap at me , without a word . It was highly  intimidating because he never spoke ( couldn’t with that pacifier pinned into his mouth) , he was taller than me on my gogo cube and I didn’t know if he was reading me or praising me because he snapped. WTF?   i believe i had a head full of pink curlers and a blackened out tooth at the time and I’m not sure if he knew what snapping meant since he was from England but it had been a mystery until he showed up in the front row clapping louder than anyone! . Unbeknownst to us club life people at the time ,was that his clothes were couture ALL THE WAY , while ours in NYC were stapled together with pinking sheer hems , glue gunned gems,etc…it wasn’t until I met Mr. Pearl that I realized the level of construction. what a loss. sigh……lady Miss Kier