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what is wrong with GM food? scientifically proven to turn your liver dark brown, causes acne, and the seeds will only harvest once, the employees encourage farmers to turn in their neighbors for using their seeds even though the seeds migrate into non gmo crops from wind polluting our non gmo crops.

This movie will prove how rotted Montsanto is with scientific evidence and for those who don’t know….this is a must watch.

they are buying up all the patents to food( seeds ,plants, livestock’s DNA !!!!   wtf? ) , wrecking farmers lives for decades by attempting to own ALL food. They want farmerless farmers and we must fight for our food future .  One country that embraced Montsanto , India, has now endured over 1200 suicides from small farmers in just 2 years because they got conned into buying the frankenfood seeds , then the prices of seeds and new pesticides prices were raised out of reach and the natural original seeds vanished off the market .

bioengineered plants reduce the variety of each species down to one which , like the Irish Potato famine, could wipe out that entire species

Genetically Modified food is found in the u.s.a.,parts of south america,asia,and austrailia and banned nearly everywhere else such as England,Germany , most all of western Europe, Kenya , Zimbabwe, Haiti and hundreds of others.

read: Seeds of Suicide.  Her goal is to preserve original seeds that Montsanto has not already bought seed patents, farm animal patents. She says they claim to desire to feed the poor but it’s actually to own the world.

thisis an over 150 billion dollar industry and there are severe consequences for all whistleblowers. There are huge pR campaigns online discrediting all who tell the truth about this. they have a lot at stake to lose but we have much more to lose. Tell it !  

solution:  BUY LOCAL NON GMO -  Lady miss Kier …