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Was it really that low budget film that motivated 100,000+ to rise up on the eve of 911 against the U.S.? of course not!  or is that just what the neo-cons ( remember them?) want to scare us into believing . The film is no-budget cheap…how could it have been promoted on that level. I call B.S.    i think it’s poopaghanda ( A word george clinton made up) ….who would take this low -production serious? I believe the real reason people are taking a stand against the U.S is because it was on the eve of 911 when afterwards we invaded two countries illegally ( there were no weapons of mass destruction were there?)  and yet we  killed over 150,000 innocent people. I’m not buying into this belief that the entire “axis of evil” hates the U.S.,however ,  sons and daughters of those slaughtered have reason to protest LOUD and in the street against the U.S. for killing their parents,neighbors,brothers, etc….for WHAT?  The neo-cons  are trying to use the old scare tactics again…but like a great man once said” we have nothing to fear but fear itself” and the U.S is not living in fear  of taking a stand and believing fox news like we were under the Wbush era. After katrina’s aftermath neglect…we collectively woke up .there will always be a small group of religious fanatics in every country. These people have a reason to hate us but most of them don’t as these pictures show…just as most of the U.S. is against the wars, embarrassed we did it, glad Obama found Bin laden, and do not want us to invade Iran and are aware these are the reasons our economy is suffering today. what was it- a trillion a day we spent ..paying halliburton  employees nearly double our own troops. We have awaken and we’re becoming media savvy . if we were still living in the bush reign of terror and fear..we would not be standing up all across the nation at Occupy everything events!  sure…Obama let us down in some cases…but he’s not nearly as  harmful as Romney who believes the middle class earns between 200,000. and 250,000. per year and that instead of 8% on welfare -he believes 47% are on welfare.we sleepwalk no more- lady miss kier 

P.S. Sorry people of Iraq ,Afghanistan, and all surrounding territories…most of the U.S. citizens are against the illegal invasion but were temporarily brainwashed due to poopaghanda lies about “weapons of mass destruction” , “axis of evil” , and attacks on the Islamic religion for no good reason but to try and control your oil and oil profits to other nations.