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"there ain’t no party like a P-funk party cause a p-funk party don’t stop !" that’s for damn sure… of my fav things about nyc in the summertime is free concerts and when  P-funk rolled in to play outdoors at brooklyns metrotech park  they created audio  liquid sunshine thru the leaves and blowing in the breeze. Rico kept it in the pocket asJerome Rodgers and Danny bedrosian commanded  the keyboards to make us dance .  Boogie and Billy were feeling it so deep one of them broke a bass string on maggot brain. George sounded great - thanks for turning him up in the mix Dwayne!!!    it was a sweet surprise to hear Shelia Brody back in the mix and Kevin Shider  def gave all his funk to the crowd. I can’t name everybody here but they rocked this crowd and made my day . I give this 5 out of 5 smiles. - reviewed by lady kier  

photos by lady kier  and andre lasalle