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 I moved to 14th st between B and C in 1981, just as the city and NYU , who owned much of this property ,was mid-flip of the lower east side.  It had been a low income neighborhood for over a century and they decided in the early 70’s that with  ”plan shrinkage”  they could turn the property around in 15 years , first by turning it into a ghetto by closing down the fire station, nina clinic, schools, etc….as they do….and then a decade later  by inviting art galleries  to be tax free, the artists would turn it around. 106 art galleries opened amid the sqaullar , in 1983 alone….it was a beautiful  explosion and the lower east side was on creative fire…the guardian angels couldn’t stop the slumlords and drug dealers nor  the  performance art, wigstock, poetry , graffitti, and entire east village art movement . it seemed like  everyone wanted to be a graffitti artist .  We were spoiled seeing Basquiat and K.Haring ,  as their art was a backdrop to our adventures to Soul Boy Parties, Roxy, Abc no Rio, Nicklebag,Danceteria,Pyramid,etc…  Artist’s Kenny Scharf, Rodney Allen Greenblat , Keith Haring, George Condo,Tabboo! and more captured my heart as I organized my entire building to go on rent strike after they padlocked an 84 year old out of her apt.once her husband ,the superintendant for over 35 years  ,had died ! Doubling our rent, having to jump over homeless dude in  dark hallways, missing steps, and mice was bad enough  but …this was the last straw . Organising a Rent Strike  was a 3 year battle and on the eve before our trial ,  we was robbed , the evedence folder was stolen from an apt break-in ,and I was forced to give up a hopeless battle . in 1984,  I  moved to  williamsburg. It was  close enough  to the excitement  and the rent was cheap , besides, the city had officially changed the name on the map to “the east village” so I knew people would continue to be  kicked out of our fabulous ghetto in order to start selling these abandoned buildings. In 1985 ,  the city decided to make the galleries pay taxes , so they shut down and restaurants and stores popped up in their place. With 500 homeless people living in Tompkins sq. park in tents, and so many displaced art students on sofas….it’s no wonder the people began standing up to power… in 1988, I was walking thru Tompkin’s Sq. park one summer’s day ,  I saw a renter’s rights protestor throw a bottle and hit a cop’s head..hard…ouch….the cop retaliated….and RIOT  !  I wasn’t fighting this housing  battle anymore …. and I kept walking to the LL train…I think the city  dropped the other L  because LL cool Jay was too black and too cute….but little did I know I’d be moving back  to the east village a year later . I felt privledged when Miss Toby told me about the vacant apartment on the busiest nosiest block right in front center of it all….saint marks place…. with a stoop and all ! So…in 1989…I left williamsburg,  dissapointed that  NO other artist’s had moved there ! …. except one hooker  in her 40’s I’d see in the wee hours dressed as a little girl with pigtails and missing teeth. She turned out to be my fashion inspiration and muse …anyhoo…I had always wanted to live on the loudest street …I didn’t care the apartment had a triple homicide history and may have been haunted …was haunted …! anotha story…. I have a story for every block of this neighborhood and could ramble on for chapters but will save it for “A guided tour for misfits and whores” - lady miss kier wuz ‘ere