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1993 ! Stylin all the while. In the Mexican jungle…deep in the Yucatan  .. there are more than a 1000 pyramids mostly covered with jungle and many appear to be mountains. we drove around the entire Yucatan loop for  8 days thru Chiapas ,Aqua azul,palenque,tulum,chichinitza,and my favorites…the ones with no names…just a little wooden sign with a chalk marking of a pyramid shape . a guard with a smile  and no tourists in sight . that was the mystery to me . there were many . many stories there . a carnival fully in swing at 2 am  blasting techno - the teenagers clearly on the prowl in their sunday finest …..suits and big puffy 1st communion dresses under the ferris wheel….at the car rental they told me not to drive at night because “banditos”…is this jungle rave what they feared I’d really see ? it was odd hearing  techno in 1994 anywhere let alone in a remote mexican jungle . my peace and love fantasies of stargazing advanced technologists smacked me with the brutal reality of bloodletting fatcats who only made room for a few at the top of the pyramid looking down upon the crowd. like life, it’s complex and didactic and the creators are often overtaken by the sleighers….and the posers pose in between the pondering……hmmm…I wonder?