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The Starlite Lounge ( oldest black owned Gay establishment in brooklyn starting from 1959) Reunion benefit we  held  last week at the Red Lotus Room ( shang hai mermaid) - both in Crown heights was a big success . I HAD THE HONOR  to Dj for this impedccably close knit all ages- club family whom recently lost their lease to an AT&T store and share the dex with the clubs wonderful residents Donna and Carlos Sanchez and I’ll add update the  other names . I ran into Barbara Tucker , celebrated Andre Lasalle and Olive Demetrious’s birthday, and danced to the wee hours until dawn -Listen out for their next  floating monthly and keep your  fingers crossed they get ther new lease soon. - Lady Kier

special thanks to club owners: Dennis and Linda as well as Tim LA’Viticus. .

more information about can be found  on their face book page

photos by : Abeni  Garrett and Andre Lassalle