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The mushroom tree house ! in Cincinnati, Ohio !  When I named deee-lite in 1986 …I spelled it using 3 E’s because there was a legendary record label named “de-light” and even though the label  was out of biz at the time, out of respect I changed the spelling….this proved to be confusing a couple years later  when MDMA all of a sudden was given the nickname “E ” by the brits. Naturally , the first visit to the UK in 1990…several people thought we were promoting E or EXSTACY however ,although i’ve tried it and liked it, I was never that into it and can count the times i tried it on 2 hands  and actually began  using more mushrooms in my art so as to get the chemical  club kids to think about mother natures safer gifts. I never enjoyed seeing the same  kids taking E  every single week-end- several at a time as they knelt down and  did a hail mary. . I was usually the granny raver on coffee surrounded by E heads asking me ‘was I rollin?”. “I’m rollin on the music” is my answer. -lady miss kier