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The Mayor of Baltimore is well liked, young , beautiful, black , and a woman. She , Stephanie Rawlings- Blake was the guest of honor at the fundraiser for Center Stage, the state theatre of Maryland,   which was held at the talented  designer’s  studio donated by  Kwame himself ( impeccable menswear  and now furniture designer!)   . Charisse Nichols,who put the whole thing together, was a lovely host and a pleasure to work with.  I was pleasantly surprised to witness Occupy Baltimore and drop in to show some support while  briefly in town. There  was a strong turnout and a great vibe at both events. Everybody was playing a part in funding the arts at Kwames studio   which is another reason to  camp out in front of finacial centers- the US will fund war  weapon manufacturing but not the arts. Viva la revolution !!!!!!!!!!!