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The first time  Coati Mundi  put a spell on me was when I heard  Doc Buzzards Original Savannah band, next to the heavenly vocals of Cory Daye  and  melodies of August Darnell and Stoney Browder ,his percussion ,dancing,and big band arrangements  made for a potent krazed spell I could not ,did not want to shake . The spell has  persisted thruout his other various  music and acting projects including   his band Kid Creole and the Coconuts and Don Armando’s Second Ave. Rhumba band and to see him starring in the classic indie short film by Michael Holman named  ”Do the right thing” . No, this was before Spike Lee’s movie of the same title , maybe  1984-ish  beside the lovely leading lady Suzanne Mallouk. I hadn’t been the same since. 

And now he’s done it to me again with the sexy ,sensual ,funny ,and  mannish sounding music from his latest 12 song  release “Dancing for The Cabana Code in The Land of Boo-Hoo.” The one and only Coati Mundi a.k.a. Andy Hernandez has brought us just what the dancefloor needs-  FUN ,originality and some  disco depth with  down to earth lyrics like”dont kiss ass brown nose”  and  lyrics like ” i was married twice the second time wasn’t  so nice ” . I can’t wait to play “Bundas Bom ” , “I Love My Dog (Do Do Do)”, and “dancing disco 101” in my next set in Quebec.

People on my dancefloors around the world  have heard staples  of his in my sets for the last decade such as  ”Me no popeye” , “Endicott” , “Como Esta Usted?”, ”Che Che Le femme” , ‘There but  for the Grace of God”, or Christina’s “Disco Clone”  but to see him LIVE is what i anticipate . I would like to see this album tour with a  full orchestra  because he has more charisma than Ricky Ricardo, is a  true pioneer in dance music , a rare  stylish dandy  and  a superb dancer . Are you listening club promotors? Let’s make it happen. 

To be released on Rong Music,the full length album  produced, arranged and composed by Coati Mundi and UK studio wizard E-Love, with additional production by nyc’s Lee Douglas this autumn.

Rong Music is the NYC-based dance label founded in 2003 by Jason “DJ Spun” Drummond (long-time curator of MoMA/PS1’s Warm Up music series) and partner Ben Cook.