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The Repugs put this country and the world’s economy in the toilet but employment actually Rose in 39 U.S. States this September.

Good news, everyone! A US appeals court suspended a ban on state-funding for stem cell research.

of course taxes for the rich should increase due to the ridiculous spending that Bush started while invading the countries to control the oil and  Obama  agrees …..

Obama Fights To End Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy, GOP Pushes Back — There’s a battle looming in Washington over the future of tax cuts for the wealthy.

 The Super-Rich Get Richer, and Everyone Else Is Going Down the Drain




California: Say hell no on 23! – Tell the Koch Brothers to keep their dirty money in Texas (

WISCONSIN:   Russ Feingold, the only senator who voted against the Patriot Act, is in danger of losing to a plastics manufacturer who is in Washington right now holding fundraisers with right wing cronies. Help Feingold out, please. (


Tea Party Senate Candidate Mike Lee Tried to Dump 1,600 Tons of European Nuclear Waste on Utah 


if you registered to vote but didn’t receive your polling address in the mail yet - than somethings fishy - but you can find it here:


 if you see anything suspicious tomorrow like VERY long lines , or getting your name crossed off the voting list because they accuse you of being a felon when not true, someone tells you not to vote because your unpaid parking tickets will get you arrested, someone gives a flyer that says you can vote on a later day- take their picture or videotape them and send it immediatly  to :                                                                   -   LADY KIER