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siriusxm has a new PARTY MUSIC show w/ Host DJ Anita Sarko. Coati Mundi and Adriana Kaegi ,from( Doc Buzzards Savannah Band,Kid Creole and the Coconuts ) and myself were the guests this week. Anita Sarko has been my mentor as the first female dj I knew working steadily in NYC’s top clubs with superb musical selections. I’m not sure when the show will air but it’s always a pleasure to chat with Disco Royalty about their influences and the hear their new music. If you havn’t bought Coati’s new album “Dancing for the Cabana Code in the land of Boo Hoo” run and get it while there are still hard copies !It’s on RONG records.  I’ll update this with a link to the show once it airs and the names of everyone else involved. ..Lady Miss Kier

p.s. thanks to Geronimo

p.s.s too bad Coati’s wingtip shoes weren’t in the photo! he’s the rapper dapper snapper for sure.