Lady Blog

Sincerity!  She stands for what her husband stands for ,that kids deserve educational finicial aid for college ,women’s rights to an equal and  fair wage, womens’s right to chose when to start a family. She’s lived the american dream but never forgot where she came from. She’s growing organic vegetables on the whithouse lawn. She describes her husband as having ” patience , wisdom, courage and grace” all qualities she has herself. Are we still broke as a middle class from co’s like Mitt Romney’s Bain Capitol  who made millions for himself by buying up our manufacturing co.s, shutting  them down and shipping millions of U.S. jobs overseas for slave labor. yes but ,any one who thinks Mitt Romney/Ryan will do better ( Niki Mirage) is not paying attention and can’t remember how Bush ,Clinton, Reagan, and Bush sr. brought our economy to where it is today  by unnessasary wars, degregulating radio ,tv, wallstreet and overseas manufacturing laws that stopped benefitting the U.S. citizens wages and human rights to line their own pockets .Go Michele!   Obama 2012 !  -lady miss kier