Lady Blog

"she’s got nipples as big as her thumb and she could make a dead man come." with lyrics like this no wonder these pioneers got a bad rep and the genre was short lived. When I first moved back from london and  into  chelsea I had a sweetheart of a neighbor who was so colorful and full of life that she reminded me of the charachter in "harold and maude". she was 84 and in the 1960’s she started her own record label called ROSETTA records . The label released female artists from the 30’s like Lucille Bogan and all the ladies from the  "risque blues’ genre.. Her apt.was filled with photos and tributes to the vulgar but truthful stars of that era-only the ladies and only packaged w/ pink labels!.  Rosetta spoke at universities and was writing a book but still had a childlike quality when she’d ask in a guilty voice"do you mind if i have a cigarette-i only have one a day".  I had plans of getting her masters re-released on a label like rhino but before we could get it off the ground -she died. R.I.P. Rosetta  and Rosetta records. -Lady kier