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SAN FRAN DISCO!  It was outstanding to see my  Drag Mother Mr.David a.k.a. Glamamore - the one who taught me to blow on the glue before applying lashes as well as stiching together discount  pucci leggings into a funky catsuit that inspired sir Jean Paul Gaultier’s following season. Mr. David  made many costumes for me before he moved to San fran and I moved to England in the eraly 90’s. To reunite is such a treat and wonderful to see he is inspiring a whole new generation of misfit children who turn out the Stud every friday for his fab party .  What a pleasure to hear live vocals on stage  and witness the backstage energy and outrageous onstage talent. I was singing along as Glamamore sang Doc Buzzards Chez Chez la Femme.  I am always happy to run into the one and only miss Ebony Jet, Aimee Ellis ,David Diaz,Brett Weir,and way too many to mention. San Fran is my sister city and I thank all who came to hear a 4 hour set which  included local legends Sylvestor,Digital Underground, and Sly Stone. While there,  I also received a beautiful perfume named “Demille” . more details about the night updated soon.