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Rethuglicans caught in Illegal plan to stop minorities from voting exposed AGAIN

They’re at it again. This is  how Bush became President twice. Let’s not forget.  Read the link from the daily Kos and remember to vote this November :

also may I add: yesterday Obama took quite a negative reading from unhappy americans whom he had the decency to face. Let me remind you that during Bush’s entire 8 years in office- the only crowd he ever spoke to were young military  personel fresh out of bootcamp and gungho to get to iraq. i’d give anything to see him come face to face with those same group now after they have served- but it won’t happen. he is safe inside his gated community avoiding everyday people. remember …REMEMBER?  -Lady Kier 

Vote,baby,vote this november   and make sure they are counted!!!!!!!!    we are watching