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republican hypocrisy and hate crimes exposed AGAIN!!!!  You probably already heard , but it’s entertaining  because it happens over and over and over. Those in power who speak loudest about deporting immigrants are lusting after them, those who try and pass”family values” bills are caught cheating on their wives or trying to erase their wives abortion history, those who preach against homosexuality get exposed as closet toetappin bathroom stall married men cruising for gay sex!!!!i find it hilarious as it makes Obama’s job easier However , I must stress , these buffoons who seem impossible to be taken seriously  CAN STILL “WIN” BY good old fashioned VOTE RIGGING. This is what we must be super-aware about: who is going to count the votes? because if we dont watch closely , anyone of these knuckleheads could become president-the same way W Bush (puke) stole two erections.- Lady Miss Kier