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POLITRIX WARNING : I read earlier today that early voters in NY noticed there was an option to chose “vote all democrat” except when they did and double checked , it did not include Obama as this was for all other democrat positions but the presidential. so…double check that your vote is counted.-Lady Miss Kier source: snopes also from Florida:

from- Jake Cain
Be EXTRA careful when voting! Just saw this on Debbie Wasserman’s page:

From Christine Scott… “Debbie - Just off the phone with a friend who voted in southern florida. He checked Obama for President and then went about the down ballot vote
s. Apparently, at his polling place, the last thing you can do if you want to, although many don’t do it, is review your ballot for authorizing your vote. He saw that ROMNEY had been checked instead. So, he unchecked Romney and re-checked Obama…and went through the process. AGAIN, it came up Romney. At that point, he got a poll worker who had him fill out a provisional ballot. This is NOT HEARSAY. I JUST got off the phone with him. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL THE FBI VOTER SUPPRESSION HELP LINE IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS