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Playing Toronto Gay Pride is always a blast because Canada legalized  gay marriage 3 years ago, it’s a week-long celebration, and has  285 entertainers , so I was thrilled to be the  headliner for 2012’s closing event ( we’re all headliners here) what is the most well-organised and most professional Pride  i’ve worked with yet. They def deserve to get the WORLD PRIDE event next year! To pull this off without the support of deadbeat mayor Rob ford is another example of their relentless spirit.  Backup singers Kristil Blue and Janee Olivia had such beautiful voices but  too bad their microphones weren’t loud enough to hear them in the crowd. Big props to DJ Bette Ford, Michael “Cotton” Venus and Russell Palloo for getting me there and helping me find my local crew!!!!! love to you all- Lady Miss Kier