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oops..he did it again and I don’t think he can spin this one. i’m so glad he exposed himself as a hater of HALF of the U.S. population before the election. He pretends to be caring but hearing him say “47% of the U.S. dosn’t pay taxes and are victims so he’s not going to bother with them as they are also Obama supporters and on welfare, exposes him as a grossly misinformed fascist  with no empathy.This is no leader but a guy who refuses to show us his tax returns which we already learned failed to include over 20 investment holdings with at least 7 overseas  from his 2010 taxes ,he was in invested in and in  charge of  Bain capitol, that sent our manufacturing jobs overseas leaving millions unemployed , he is anti-family planning and against abortion (  he recently changed his mind and is no longer pro-choice ) and yet invested millions in a co. that disposed of aborted fetuses, the hipocracy of it all is beyond repair. i am glad he is exposed now   before he rolled his trojan horse into the whithouse gates. This video proves he does not care for  everyday people from the middle and lower classes. I suppose he thinks since W Bush got away with cheating and rigging the election…he can too…but north America has woken up .we sleepwalk no more . -Lady miss Kier