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Only creative steppers could keep up with the diversity. Twas an honor to reunite with  Ultra Nate, who came to support my set in Baltimore as well as Terry from the “Clones of funk”  at PAZO to benefit gay rights last thursday. Not only did Deee-lite remix Ultra Nate’s eternal classic “rejoicing” ,we also brought her on the first Deee-lite U.S. tour way back in 1990 as our opening act . I love a musical reunion!!!!I sang “stay in bed ,forget the rest” for the first time ever on stage and the crowd helped me out with the lyrics - which they remembered better than me, to my surprise- as well as  ”deep-ending” which seems to be  a standard in my sets now that the 90’s is  surpassing the 80’s nostalgic revival.I took them on an eclectic journey ,dropping  80’s house, early 90’s rave, rare disco from the 70’s, and the rarest of  funk.  Special thanks to Cherice Nichols for bringing me, the dancers for keeping the floor packed during my entire 3 hour set ,Kat, Dan Bell , PAZO for supporting the LGBT benefit, Allyson,and Andre Lassale for the footage - Lady Miss Kier

watch some  short clips here: