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on the first song , i kicked my shoes off & 1 of them landed right on top of Angel’s conga, as u can see in the 2nd photo. It was a new song but several people asked me if it was some rare disco cover  ,which i took as a great compliment , especially after following ” last night a dj saved my life” and  ”set it off” from the original singers. I hadn’t performed this song before but i knew when i rote it,that it would fit right in with the rest of the party tracks for this special night. It was a treat to be honored with Tiffany from  Midnight magic lending her backround vocals. I had sang 4 hours earlier  , backing up Coati Mundi, and saw so many familiar faces but had to rush by many, as to not lose my voice for my own set and then a few hours later to backup Midnight Magic in their set. 3 shows in one night….all in honor of legendary Mark Kamins. He reunited many dear friends and brought many of us together again.Big props to Walter DurKacz for MDing the Mark Kamins Powwow band

photos Emme Irwin  April 17 2013