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Obama tells it like it is when he calls out ” Corporate takeover of Democracy” in the U.S..This is another great recent speech I caught from the President inspiring americans like me to have faith that the guy we voted in office has remained genuine and really will lay it on the line for the majority of us everyday people instead of the privledged corp. execs and top 2% of wealthy corp. shareholders . During the Bush reign of terror  I had an overwhelming feeling that the U.S. was speeding towards  corprotacracy with no turning back….but Obama  brings hope that not all power corrupts and that many in  govt. really do want to make our everyday life better. BP might have tricked him and therfore us but Obama does not want corporations to continue to screw us .  Elections are 6 weeks away …..let’s not forget that Obama got in office because we  were paying close attention to make sure our votes were counted. Let’s not forget the previous prezzy flat out  STOLE an election twice bringing dishonor to the voting process while we weren’t watching so closely . Let’s pay attention , stay informed and vote the people into office that Obama needs to work with to get us out of the hole that the corporations and Bush shoved us into. - Lady Kier