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Mustash Mondays is a legendary club and crowd in L.A. and I love to play there!!!! I should have known the night would be magic when i spotted Angelyne upon arrival  (so LA )  as she slowed down to look at me in my bright red Betty Page as I was waving hello at her frantically. Seeing her felt  like a good luck charm….like finding a 4 leaf clover or spotting a lepracaun and I’m not usually superstitious. She waved and then sped off down hollywood boulevard in her pink rubber clogs and matching pink sports car. Ernie Omega picked me up from Los Felez in his gold cadilac and brought me to the OMEGA COLLECTIVE showroom to try on my new outfit for the night.Trying on the disco ball hat was like placing the  cherry on top as makeup wonderkind Travis beat my face ,  I felt like Cinderella.   Once we got to the club it was hot and steamy with an  enthusiastic crowd. in short- we had a ball all nite long !!!!! Leopold and Raja sang and danced in between my mixes in a decadent Belasco theatre which was dripping with 1920’s burlesque glamour- much like the Mayan next door. Nacho and Josh have built a legendary nite which I shall never forget. -Lady Kier   

song of the nite: brighter days