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Michelle- you better straighten out your man!

I might have to re-locate to new Zealand or Brazil  ! or stay and fight this revolution-one gated community at a time!  Atleast the rethuglicans tell us they stand for making the rich richer, they think the poor are lazy, they keep their gayness in the closet while spewing anti-gay legislation, they publicly make racist jokes, ATLEAST THEY ARE THEMSELVES but Obama! Montsateno- really ?  now head  of the FDA? I know your daughters eat organic. the NDAA -really ? Where are your vetoing  balls on these two vital issues?  Youv’e been doing a great job , outside of BP , but enough is enough. We adored you because we believed you were smart enough to turn this mess around , but your’e making a big old mess too and it’s not going unnoticed. You took  3 steps forward and now  7 steps backwards . for shame- Lady Miss Kier