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M.I.A.  Bad Girls !   she get’s down - she can hang -and have you trembling….. BUT i dont understand why a girl who married a billionaire would need more money or fame from madonna  to be madonna’s cheerleader… for greed? for fame?   I guess money and fame  really change some  people for the worse….the shallowness of fame  was easy for me to walk away from…the lack of freedom of speech in the U.S. press during the Gulf war….was easy for me to get out of the game….maybe she panicked after all the bad reviews of her GREAT album due to her brilliant  courageous political message. girl… of course they’re gonna come for you for telling the truth about how awful war is…but allying with madonna isn’t going to help your credibility. if your’e going to give the finger….don’t give it to the public…..give it to madonna for using you while you know she’s always  been a thieving artist with NO originality or musical credibility of her own. As artists , we all get inspired but some  seekers of fame will steal from unreleased demos or her peers=no credibility from her peers or musicians. Madonna birthed the gaga mentality which is to be reductive  and the sheeple love it but artists don’t !  -lady miss kier 

for more on rip-offs go here: but keep in mind this site left out A LOT and focused on many  things i dont believe are rip=offs at all such as the hollywood  glamour poses-there is only so many ways to  pose- plea…..skip that part and get to the lawsuits and the plagiarism ….trust if it wasn’t true…the sight would be pulled down for SLANDER: